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We follow very strict Money management rules, including lot size calculations, stop losses and risk to reward ratio to protect your capital.


There is a 40% limit maximum draw-down allowed in our accounts.


You are in total control of your capital, you can withdraw funds any time you want.




There are a number of advantages that a Faida Forex Managed Account offers the investor:


 – Pooled Funds, As the saying goes… “you go faster alone but go further with others”. All of Faida Forex Managed Account trades are “pooled” Pooled funds are funds from many individual investors that are aggregated for the purposes of investment. Investors in pooled fund investments benefit from economies of scale, which allow for lower trading costs, diversification and professional money management which drastically reduce investor capital risks.


Experience, which can only be gained through long-term involvement in the markets, is the only asset that can reduce or even negate the large risks associated with currency trading. Since as a beginner you may lack such a background by definition, opening a managed account with Faida Forex may seem to be a good choice.


 Abnormal Profits, An abnormal profit is defined as a large proceeds made by an individual or company from commercial activity. An abnormal profit exceeds the normal opportunity for profit derived from labor costs and capital and considered normal profit. A professionally Managed Forex Account as offered by Faida Forex offers opportunities for “abnormal profit” of up to 50% per month to the dollar invested.


 – Emotional difficulties involved in trading cannot be tolerated by everyone, because each person has a different character profile and some are more prone to emotional extremes than others. Opening an account with us can also help you overcome this problem.


Lack of sufficient time is another issue that discourages investors from seriously committing to currency trading. A Faida Forex full-time account manager devotes all his energies to trading for our clients.


Faida Forex provides our past trading records to provide guidance on potential future returns. This knowledge may also help the beginner in choosing the best offer for himself.